Movie Review: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

So it’s about 12:30 am right now on July 4th (Happy Independence Day!) and I just got home from watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. I’m tired and cannot wait to rest my eyes, but first, I wanted to start writing my review on it. I’ll refrain from posting this until after I had a few hours of sleep, that way I can double check to make sure it makes at least a small bit of sense.

I never liked Spider-Man. There, I said it. He just never seemed to be a character that ever really stuck with me (much like Superman). I also thought it was way too soon for the franchise to experience a reboot. I mean, Spider-Man 3 just came out in 2007!

I’ve changed my mind now. I thought Andrew Garfield did a brilliant job of portraying Peter Parker/Spider-Man as a gangly teenager. He was just so painfully awkward, but compeltely adorable at the same time. You can tell that Peter was really struggling to find himself and to find out what he stood for.

I loved Gwen Stacey as a character. I had been looking forward to seeing how she would play out on the full screen as Peter Parker’s only love interest in the film. I thought that Emma Stone was a really smart choice for casting. Emma and Andrew also had an amazing chemistry together (obviously… since they are now dating) that is evident on screen as they placed opposite one another.

At the risk of spoiling the movie, I was a bit surprised at how it ended. I also think that the movie should have ended a good 5 minutes or so before it did. It almost seemed as if the writers didn’t know when to just finish the script. The final scene after the credit gave me hope for a sequal.

I also think that certain scenes tended to drag on, like when Spider-Man was using the cranes during the big finale. I actually looked at my watch and thought to myself, “Come on… just get there already…”. Stylistically, this was a beautiful film. You were sad when you were supposed to be sad, on the edge of your seat at the appropiate times, and even the villian of the movie had you feeling for him.

As for Stan Lee’s cameo: it was compeltely obvious but one of my favorite cameos yet.

Definitely get yourself out of this summer heat and in to a movie theater to see this on the big screen while you can! This may be the first Spider-Man film that I must have in my DVD collection!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?


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