Movie Review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

I had been awaiting The Dark Knight Rises with baited breath mostly because earlier this week, I had a nightmare that the movie was a complete flop. Was I pleasantly surprised? Yes. Was it better that The Dark Knight? Not so much. I think that The Dark Knight affects me on a much more psychological level that The Dark Knight Rises.

I really think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt stole the entire movie, quite as he is prone to doing (see: Inception). I feel like we actually saw more of JGL than we saw of Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne himself. Christian Bale was able to portray the brooding billionaire as well as ever though. It’s funny, I don’t like Christian Bale as Batman but I love him as Bruce Wayne. I think we actually got to see quite a bit more of Bruce Wayne in this film than in the other ones. Anne Hathaway was gorgeous, but I wish the film would have went a little deeper with her character. It was also nice to see Dr. Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) back.

By the way, Burn Gorman was in this. I love it when my fandoms collide. Seeing the Torchwood actor completely threw me, but in a good way.

Let’s see – I believe that I haven’t even touched on the character of Bane…. I knew what happened between Bane and Batman in the comics and dreaded that part of the movie. I even winced in the theater. Bane was very well played by Tom Hardy. My only critique was that I feel like quite a few lines might have been muffled by his mask to the point of being unintelligible. Maybe it was just the shoddy speakers of the theater I was in. Bane instilled fear in me. A fear far beyond what the other villain of the summer blockbusters (aka Loki) brought about. Bane had no boundaries. He had no limits. He was driven by a single, powerful human emotion (of course, I won’t tell you what emotion because it might spoil the movie).

Special effects wise – this film was crazy (in a good way). But my favorite scenes were the ones without the special effects. The scenes without Batman’s cool toys. The scenes that actual delve deeper into the characters as humans.

In lieu of spoilers, I will just say that the scene at the end with Alfred had me tearing up, along with probably most of the movie goers. In fact, I say that the best part of the entire movie happened within the last 15 minutes. While I did find it quite a bit predictable, especially once we were about halfway in to the movie, the ending was simply delightful. I so called it though.

All in all, this was a fitting end to the Batman trilogy. I wonder how long until they decide to do a reboot of the series. My guess… 4 years.


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