January 2013 Goodies Box

I’m a sucker for the monthly box subscriptions which have become all the rage lately. Case in point: check out my other blog, StyleNerd, for a peek at my Birchbox boxes. Even though I’m contemplating canceling my Birchbox subscription soon, I don’t foresee that happening with my newest subscription to Goodies box. For just $7 a month, you receive a box full (5-8 items per box) of all sorts of tasty treats. Even better – when you review products on their website, you can earn points going towards a free box. I’m now two months in and love receiving this box.

Unlike last month’s Goodies box which unfortunately was never photographed (except for a vague shot of the box itself before I was distracted with opening it), only a few days passed before I took a picture of January’s box. The theme of January’s box focused on sensible and healthy foods to enjoy while living life on-the-go.

IMG_9960 (500x353)

The box included:

  • Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar in Raspberry
  • Stretch Island Fruit Chews in Strawberry
  • GoNola in Blueberry – a perfectly portioned granola to go
  • Skeeter Snacks Cookie in Chocolate
  • Wild Garden Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips
  • Cascal in Berry Cassis – a fermented soda (the health benefits of a fermented drink has been known to include detoxification and a boost in energy levels)
  • Flamous Brands Falafel Chips in Original

I haven’t tried anything in the box yet, but I’m most looking forward to trying the Cascal natural soda. I’m least excited about the hummus and pita chips, but only because I’m not really a hummus fan. But I’ll try it anyway and who knows – I may love it!


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