Mama’s Losin’ It Prompt: My Middle Name

This wasn’t the prompt I wanted to do originally. I had wanted to draw a picture based on a recent tweet (and have this post up hours ago), but technology just wasn’t agreeing with me today. My brand new Android smart phone hasn’t been activated properly, so I’m still currently stuck in the stone age with my flip phone. On the bright side, I do have a pretty sweet camera now that I can stash in my purse – my main reason for selecting that phone. My backup plan, our home scanner, wasn’t working either, so now I’m working on my runner-up prompt on my middle name.

I have a very unique middle name – Rena. It’s pronounced like “Renee”. No, there aren’t supposed to be any sort of funny little accents added to my middle name, that’s just what it is.

Now, the story goes (at least as far as I have been told by my mother) that my mom wanted a middle name that would be easy for my dad to spell. You can’t get much simpler than Rena, can you? I don’t think my mom ever realized at the moment how often I would be told that my middle name is pronounced wrong or smelled wrong. My comeback? Shouldn’t “Renee” actually be pronounced “Re-nee (as in knee)?

What’s your middle name? Would you have a unique middle name or one that would cause no sort of controversy?

Be sure to check out Mama’s Losin’ It for more of her great writing prompts!

By the way, I promise some real posts coming up soon. I’ve been a little lacking a little in the inspiration department, but I will make it up to you all! Also, HAPPY PI DAY (3.14)!!


4 thoughts on “Mama’s Losin’ It Prompt: My Middle Name

  1. I actually know somebody whose name is spelled Rena but she pronounces it Renee. My middle name is Lynn, which I loathed growing up, but then I turned around and gave it to my daughter. I get comments all the time about how “country” it sounds!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s!

  2. I love that your Mom was trying to come up with something easy for your Dad…kind of surprised she didn’t just go with Ann. 😉 I love how unique it is though!

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