Hot, Hot, Hot

I haven’t blogged much about my garden solely for the fact that my garden didn’t produce much this year. I don’t know if it’s a result of all the rain we have had here in North Carolina or if the soil wasn’t quite right, but everything pretty much flopped. I harvested a handful of tomatoes, a good bit of squash, and no cucumbers. I went out to my garden this weekend to weed the beds and to get them ready for a fall harvest when I noticed my pepper plants. The jalapenos and the banana peppers had run rampant, virtually overflowing on the fragile plants. I easily picked about 15 jalapenos (though some had corking – the internet assured me that they were edible) and half as many banana peppers. Seeing them all lined up on my counter, I wondered what I could do with so many peppers – I wanted something special.

PicMonkey Collage

It didn’t take long for me to decide on pickling the peppers. Pickling peppers is a fairly simple process, the most labor intensive part is slicing the peppers into rings. I added 6 tbsp of sugar for the jalapenos versus 5 tbsp for the banana peppers to create almost a candied jalapeno that still retains the crunch and a subtle heat that sneaks up on you. I could easily eat those peppers right out of the jar.

I couldn’t resist creating a dish for dinner that evening that would utilize my newly pickled peppers – so I used a recipe kit and created chicken enchiladas using the Kraft Recipe Makers Chicken Enchilada kit. It was so simple and since it was just me eating that night, I was able to half the recipe. I froze half of the cooked chicken breast (I found a recipe that resulted in a simple, perfectly moist piece of chicken for shredding) to make fixing dinner later on this week a breeze.


I took advantage of the last Second Saturday in North Carolina by visiting the little craft sell up in town. I fell in love several soaps that Merrywood Farm brought with them including the African Black soap, which is a soap that I’ve been wanting to purchase for a while. I used it Saturday night and loved it. It’s great for my skin. I also purchased a Morning Glory muffin – which is the best muffin I have ever eaten (and it’s healthy).

In other news: I still need to plant seeds in the garden. Maybe tomorrow. DragonCon is in about 2 weeks – check out StyleNerd for more on that. I think that I’m going to try my hand at making mead soon. I would like to take advantage of the local honey I have stored in my pantry.

Interested in a good cause? Then check out Project Drive-In. sponsored by Honda, it seeks to preserve a special part of America’s car culture – the drive-in theater. Having been to a drive-in, it’s completely worth your time.



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