Taste of Edenton (+Skype Dating)

As of today, I have gone on two Skype dates with my Florida friend. Both were his idea – one last Thursday at 8 and one tonight at 6. Thursday’s got off to a rocky start. I’ve warned him for months that my internet sucks so we barely made it 2 minutes before my internet froze and he had to call me. We stayed on the phone for about 45 minutes – watching it other on Skype with the sound muted – and then chatted on AIM for another 2 hours (watching ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Four Weddings’). Tonight’s date went much better on Skype. We were able to Skype chat for a full 45 minutes before my internet spaced out. Now we’re back to chatting on AIM with another date in the works for Tuesday.

Friday night, I found myself in downtown Edenton with some of my fellow coworkers enjoying this year’s Taste of Edenton. What’s Taste of Edenton? Basically you:

Enjoy a sampling of “tastes” from the menus of regional food establishment in Celebration of Edenton’s 300th Anniversary on the Barker House Lawn at Edenton’s waterfront. Revel in the sounds of internationally acclaimed Bluesman Big Daddy Wilson during his heartwarming return to Edenton, a place where he grew up and has fond memories.

PicMonkey CollageWe had a great time. The best dish by far was the butternut squash soup from Scotch Hall Preserve – even better is that they provided us with a recipe to recreate the dish at home! Except to see that appear on the blog in the upcoming week.


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