Happy *Belated* Birthday to Me!

Well, as of yesterday, I am officially 26 years old – which in my mind means that I am getting old. I had a lovely day with my mom and her boyfriend. We did a little bit of shopping and I treated myself to my free birthday burger from Red Robin. I won $10 in the VA Zombie scratch off and I received TWO birthday cakes, plus flowers/balloon/candy from my friend.

Friday night, I went with some of the girls from work to “Upstairs/Downtown”, which basically allowed us to explore some of the downtown Edenton apartments. It was amazing to see how much space all the places had and how they utilized the historical aspects of the buildings, such as the gorgeous exposed brick.

PicMonkey CollageI still am planning to post about my Ocracoke/New Burn/Beaufort/etc trip with mom from last weekend, but I’m still working my way through the photographs I took. It’s crazy to think that I took almost 400 pictures of my trip inside of North Carolina, but when I went to Dragon*Con, I took only 40 pictures. Oh well. I might work on that tonight while I’m waiting for the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ to start tonight!


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