Signs of Spring!

Spring is still a little ways away, but during week’s like this – I know that it’s right around the corner! Let’s ignore the fact that there is a chance of snow here next week (right during my vacation week, good thing I’m flying down to Florida for a few days) and focus on the fact that Spring IS coming!


The bluebirds are going crazy in our backyard working on their nests. After last year’s slaughter fest, thanks to my cat and the huge black snakes that come slithering out from the woods, I know that I need to take some preventative measures to protect the birds. My idea is to go with a couple of squirrel baffles – the cone-shaped things that go on poles. Hopefully I can find some cheaper ones that the $20 ones advertised on the internet, or maybe I can even find a way to create them myself. Maybe some cheap plastic dog collars would suffice?


Walking around the yard yesterday, I was pleased to see this little Daffodil blooming proudly.


I planted my seeds this past weekend in their little pods. I noticed this morning that there were some signs of growth already. I planted 30 pods of American Flag leeks and 6 pods of catnip. Pre-planting the catnip was probably a little unnecessary, but I was already eager to get them started for the cats.



I was planting my shallots and asparagus in the garden today when I noticed that one of the little asparagus spears that had popped up over the weekend was already an inch tall.


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