March Garden Updates

Well, Spring is officially here, though if you were to take a look at the current forecast around here, you wouldn’t know it. The temperature has been wavering from upper 30’s to 70’s, with it tending to fall into the former rather than later. I met the boy last week down in Charleston, so I’ll have a couple of posts coming up for that within the next week. For now, I just wanted to outline some of the things I’ve done for the garden/yard lately.

March 08: Planted some American Flag leek seeds and some catnip seeds in little peat pellets

March 09: Noticed a handful of blooms developed on my Sambo lemon tree; no new signs of life on my Meyer lemon tree, but I’ve been giving it blood meal to boost the nitrogen levels; Mom and I planted two crabapples and one persimmon tree that she picked up from the Currituck Master Gardener plant giveaway the day before

March 11: Noticed that the leeks and catnip have already started sprouting; planted a new set of Mary Washington asparagus roots in the asparagus bed (the current set of asparagus is already 3 years old, but we love asparagus and want to make sure we have more than enough); planted my shallot bulbs in the garden – Yellow Moon and Picasso


March 16: Leek seedlings are about an inch tall now; mom planted her tomato seeds in pods

March 19: Planted radish, kale, carrots seeds (all from 2011) in pods as well as some of the Sweet Italian Basil seeds gathered from out plants last year

March 23: Noticed radish sprouts; Mom noticed that her tomato seedlings were already an inch tall with their Cotyledon ‘leaves’ formed

March 24: Leek seedlings are about 3” tall; lots of new growth noticed on my Barouni olive tree – including what looks like possible flower buds; noticed that kale had sprouted

All in all, my month basically consisted of starting seeds. Quite a few of the seeds I planted could have easily been planted in the garden, but with the temperatures still fluctuating, I was eager to see some signs of Spring already. Besides, I wanted to see if anything would come from the 3-year old seeds. The forecast is showing 68 on Saturday and 54 on Sunday, but with thunderstorms all weekend. Even so, I’m hoping for a little bit of calm weather so I can pull weeds in the garden and check on the rest of the fruit trees.

How’s your gardening plans going so far?


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