Weekly Garden and Harvest Update 4/5-4/12

Mom and I have been hustling and bustling to finish up a few last things for the garden before growing season really takes off. I’ve already started picking asparagus. In fact, I picked 3 stalks the first Saturday in April which seems to be a week earlier than last year (according to my rough notes from last year).

I went to the Master Gardener’s Spring Show last Saturday (April 5th). I learned from the previous year that if I go later in the afternoon, I can snag some good deals. There were a lot of things that I wanted, but I was on a limited budget so I had to reign myself in. I ended up getting a Queen of the Night cactus, a Kalonchoe Rotundifolia/Zulu Invisibility plant, some French Tarragon, English Thyme, French Lavender, and a citronella plant.

IMG_2614 (800x533)

That same Saturday, I also picked up some fresh vegetables that were brought in from Raleigh as part of a local winter farmer’s market of sorts (tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and Easter Egg radishes).

IMG_2612 (800x533)

Mom developed this neat little set-up for one of the garden beds (the far right bed in the photo) using some junk from around the yard. She gathered up some old trellis’ and set it in the garden, using some notched out bamboo to offset it from the fence itself. The buckets are placed in the middle of raised beds and the various seeds are planted around. The buckets are there to help the water and any fertilizer we use get to the roots to the plants.

IMG_2652 (800x533)

– Most of my kohlrabi seeds have sprouted – at first they were a dark purple color, but now the sprouts have green leaves and a muddy purple stem
– Mom and I planted her tomato seedlings in the garden. They are currently under plastic bottle “cloches” with holes poked in to serve as mini-greenhouses.
– The flowers on my olive tree have opened and I also have noticed a tiny little lemon starting on my Sambo lemon tree.
– I finally got my leek seedlings into the ground.
– Mom’s potato towers have sprouted! We were worried for a bit.

Harvested this week:
– 26 Stalks of Asparagus (I would like to use them in a quiche)

IMG_2668 (800x533)

Future Plans:
– Mom and I need to cover the leeks and the squash/cucumber seedlings as there is a frost warning tonight. Hopefully after this most recent cold front, that is it for the cold weather.
– And as always, I need to figure out some way to protect our feathered friends from my little predator. I’m thinking maybe getting a few squirrel baffles?

IMG_2662 (800x739)


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