NerdBlock August 2014 Unveiling

I received my August NerdBlock today. NerdBlock is one of those monthly subscription services that is geared towards geeks and I couldn’t wait to try the product known as “Comic-con in a box”. Last month was my first month and I was a bit disappointed which is why I didn’t blog about it. Though I have to say, last month’s box included an awesome Nerf toy that has given me quite a bit of laughter from shooting the bullets at my cat.

I always give a box two months before canceling and when I opened today’s box, I was a bit more excited.

IMG_3597 (640x427)

IMG_3598 (640x427)

My box included:

  • A Pokémon shirt – every month, the boxes includea t-shirt
  • A package of Garbage Pail Kids mini figures – I received “Grim Jim” and “Hot Scott” and absolutely love these ghoulish little figures
  • A Bravest Warrior Keychain – This is actually pretty cute.
  • New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor NerdBlock Exclusive – I was a bit tickled with this one. I doubt I will take it out of its packaging though.
  • New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor NerdBlock Exclusive
  • Funko Batman PX Previews Exclusive – I have to say, this was my favorite item of the box. I received Batman (I would have really loved to have gotten Harley Quinn, but oh well) and the insert card recommends to keep these Funko toys in their original packaging as they aren’t sold in stores. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a FunkoPop! toy for a while.

IMG_3601 (640x427)

IMG_3599 (640x427)

The real winner of the evening was not me however, but my cat. Ziggy absolutely adored receiving his BRAND NEW BOX in the mail and couldn’t wait to roll around and make himself comfortable in it.

IMG_3616 (640x427)

IMG_3618 (640x427)