November 2014 Homegrown Collective Subscription Box

While I had anticipated posting about my Thanksgiving and my recent trip to Topsail Island, when I opened the newest Homegrown Collective box today, my excitement to share its contents overwhelmed the need to post about those two events.

It’s crazy how far behind I get on blog posts. I started on this post 6 days ago and even though I had all the pictures on my laptop ready to be uploaded, I didn’t make anymore progress. I’m blaming Pinterest. That website can just suck up my time! Anyway…


IMG_4336 (640x427)

The theme for this box is “RESET YOURSELF”. The general idea is that with all the craziness of the holidays, we could all use a little boost to help us enjoy the tastes and scents of winter.

IMG_4342 (427x640)

This box contained:

  • Classic Mason Jar
  • Fiberglass Wick
  • Clean Burning Indoor Paraffin Lamp Oil
  • Pinecones, Cedar Cuttings, and Holly (Ilex Berries)
  • Cocoa Chocolate
  • Pomegranate
  • Cypress Sea Salt Flakes
  • Oregano and Peppermint Essential Oils
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Amber Dropper Bottles, Muffin Cups, Pipette, Latex Gloves

IMG_4344 (640x427)

So the projects that can be made include an Evergreen Oil Lamp, an Oregano and Peppermint Immune Booster, and Cacao Wonder Cups (yum!).

Do you know how neat it is to receive a pomegranate in the mail? Obviously it doesn’t take much to tickle me, but this is the first box I’ve received from Homegrown Collective that has something edible to make.

All in all – this was a great box. Perhaps my favorite one yet! I seem to be saying that every month now… 🙂

Oh! Want to know what was in my other package? It was a bottle of Winter White Honey from Savannah Bee Company – delicious! But more about that later!

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