Winter Co-Op Purchases (Week One)

Each Winter, the local Farmer’s Market (that I did not visit nearly enough this past year) has a Winter Co-Op. The lady in charge of the market sends out an e-mail with what’s available and the cost of each item. You e-mail her back, placing your order and then on Saturday, you go to pick up your order. Super simple and honestly, it appeals to the lazy side of me just to get my goodies to go, especially when the pick up location is now less than a mile away. I know, that means I’m missing out on the spirit of community that is invoked when people gather, but sometimes it’s just nice to grab and go. For the first week, I ordered:

  • 2 lb. of Sweet Potatoes (from Somerset Farm)
  • 3 lb. of Black & Daikon Radishes (from Somerset Farm)
  • 1 loaf of Challah (from Yellow Dog Bread Company)
  • ½ gallon Chocolate Milk (from Maple View Farm)

IMG_4398 (640x427)

I have a bad habit of buying produce from the market and letting it go bad before I can do anything with it, so I ordered my items with an idea in my mind of what I would create.

The chocolate milk is almost gone – but the creamy deliciousness is the perfect treat for when I get home from work. The challah will be wrapped and frozen until the time has arrived for it to become either bread pudding or a delicious breakfast casserole. The sweet potatoes will be turned in to fries, per the request of a friend. Originally, I was going to dehydrate the radishes into chips, but I think I will pickle the daikon radishes and turn the black radish in to a chip. Or I might turn the daikon raidhes into fries as well. I haven’t quite decided, but these suckers are HUGE so I might be able to do both.


The next market is two weeks away, I think, but I would like to order lamb. The lamb is from Somerset Farm, a place where I’ve visited before, so I know that the lamb are humanely and happily raised.

I’ve been reading my way through Jane Goodall’s Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating. Though I’ve heard the points raised in the book many times (about GMO’s, and the praises of organic foods), I think the book has really hit home this time and I plan to take a look at the way I eat and what I am eating.