Charleston Epicurean January Reveal

It’s been a few months since I have last received a Charleston Epicurean box, but since I’ve been craving a trip to Charleston recently, I figured that now was a good time to surprise myself with another one. I wish I had enough money to subscribe to both the Homegrown Collective box and the Charleston Epicurean box every month because it’s a close tie as to which one I enjoy more!

IMG_4403 (640x480)

This was an excellent box, though I have to admit, I sort of spoiled the surprise for myself by peaking on the Facebook page. Still – I was tickled when I saw the box waiting for me last night. So was my cat.

IMG_4402 (640x480)

January’s box contained:

IMG_4404 (640x480)

  • Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice – I was excited to receive this as I’ve been wanting to actually grow my own Charleston Gold rice as this is a offspring of the heirloom Carolina Gold rice. This is a short-grain rice and I’m looking for a truly special recipe to use this in. I’m thinking maybe a rice pudding so that I can really enjoy the complexities of the rice.
  • Charleston’s Own Peach Butter – I think my mom was more excited about this item than I was. She was already envisioning slathering this over some butter soaked rolls this weekend.
  • Christophe Artisan Chocolate Bar (Almond) – I’m excited about this. I mean, who wouldn’t be – it’s chocolate? And almonds. Mmm.
  • Mike’s Fried Peanuts in Bar-B-Que flavor – I’ve never tried a fried peanut before so I was curiously about this. My mom and I both tried it. Though she didn’t care for it much, I thought it was an interesting snack. It had good flavor and thought it felt wrong to be eating the peanut shell and all, I think I can learn to live with that. J
  • Ghost Crab Spice from The Spice and the Spoon – This spice is a blend of white cheddar cheese and Jolokia that I might actually put to good use this weekend! The blurb states that it’s good for jalapeno poppers so I think that is exactly what I am going to use it for. You mix it with cream cheese (I think) and a little bit of milk. I have some jalapenos in the freezer from my garden this year that have already been cored and sliced in half so I am ready to go!

IMG_4405 (640x480)

This was an awesome box and I really wish that I could subscribe to this on a monthly basis.


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