PupBox February Reveal

I’ve been meaning to post this blog entry for a few weeks, but when I get home from work, I’m usually focused on entertaining Belle for the rest of the evening. She’s really growing up quickly and has shown to be a very smart little pup. She learned last week that if she needs to potty, she can go through the cat door without waiting for us to let her out. I know that she won’t be able to fit through their door much longer, so we are considering getting a door to fit her.

Her weekend play dates with my boyfriend’s dog leaves her exhausted on Sundays, so much that she went inside and put herself to sleep while mom and I were outside yesterday. I need to work on socializing her with other people though so I might start walking her downtown some.

Anyway. Days after I got Belle, I went online and ordered a 1-month subscription to PupBox – a monthly subscription box that sends treats, toys, & training info customized based on the age of your puppy. I added in the notes that Belle was a chewer, so they sent me the 4-month old box which included plenty of chew toys.


Here’s what was in the box:

  • Squeaky Frog Toy
  • Squeaky Sheep Toy
  • Bandana
  • Dynamo Dog Chicken & Sweet Potato Treats
  • Treat Bag
  • Pet Oder & Stain Eliminator


This month’s trick was teaching the puppy to lay down which is exactly the trick that I wanted her to learn next. She conquered sit with ease.


Belle was a little unsure of the squeaky toys at first, but they’ve become some of her favorite toys now. She sleeps with the frog and likes it when we throw the sheep. The treats – she devours them. The only thing that hasn’t been utilized yet is the bandana and the urine stuff.


I didn’t renew my subscription. Belle has enough toys at the moment that I don’t want her to be overwhelmed with any more. But I’m sure I’ll be back. I’ve looked at ones throughout the years for the cats, but they are so picky that I doubt I can find anything that would make them happy.


5 thoughts on “PupBox February Reveal

  1. Fun! Good luck with the training. Our dog (now six years old) was quite the handful on crack when he was a puppy…until he was maybe four? I lost track of the times my husband or I would repeat to ourselves “I only have to be stubborn one more time than he is…”
    Thankfully now we’re able to enjoy a mostly well-behaved dog who tries hard to do as he should. Hang in there!

    • Thanks! I know once we get her trained, she will be so good, but I already feel like it’s going to be a challenge! She is already stubborn at 14 weeks and thinks she is much smarter than us~! She is so different than the dog we used to have. He seemed like an old soul from the very get go (except for a tiny chewing and trash habit that took a few times to break him of).

      • We watched a lot of Cesar Milan on Hulu, went to puppy classes, and hired a trainer for an afternoon. It all paid off. It’s crazy how much they call it “dog training” when really it’s “human training!”

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