Thoughts on “Urban Fruit”

When I’m bored, I usually find myself reading. My books of choice are usually something related to the history of certain foods or about food culture in general. I found myself without a book of any sort the other day and found a documentary on Amazon by the name of “Urban Fruit”.


From the website:

URBAN FRUIT tells the story of a handful of city dwellers growing food in Los Angeles, California. They are a diverse group intent to reclaim a skill that has been lost to the industrial food complex. We witness their struggles with the city, their families, nature and themselves.

Rishi Kumar / Founder of The Growing Home
Gardner Jenna & Adam Barber / Home growers for Forage Restaurant
Ron Finley / ‘Gangsta Gardner’, Eco-visionary

While I enjoyed hearing each of the individuals’ stories, Ron Finley stole the show for me. The ‘Ganga Gardner’ has a manner that is easily accessible and I can see a whole subgroup of people being able to relate to him. Those that might think gardening is not for them should heed his words:

“Plant some shit.”

(Side note: Though the Barbers did name one of their chickens “Robot Chicken”.)

One of the main reasons I moved home several years ago was that I was tired of the city. I was tired of the lack of fresh air, the crowds, the lack of just… space. Gardening was never on my radar until I moved home. I don’t know what happened there. There was something about putting my hands in dirt, plantings seeds, watching fruits and vegetables grow that just seemed right to me.

At the time, it never occurred to me that there were city dwellers with gardens. In fact, I don’t think it was as such of a widespread occurrence as it is now. People are starting to realize that there is something wrong with our current food system and they are trying to make an impact – it may not be a large impact in their minds, but any revolution starts with baby steps.

The people in this video show that you should take advantage of the space given to you. If you only have a balcony, put a few plants in pots out. Use what resources you have today instead of waiting for what comes in the future.

Definitely give this documentary a watch.


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