Mini Roadtrip: Smithfield, VA

With my boyfriend being off-call this past weekend, I knew that I wanted to get out of town for a few short hours on Saturday. So we loaded my dog in the car (his stayed home) and we set off to Smithfield, VA which is about an hour and a half away. It might have taken us a *little* bit longer because we might have gotten a *little* bit lost but we eventually arrived.

Sidebar: We actually had quite a bit of excitement as we passed through the Dismal Swamp Canal. This HUGE black bear ran across the highway. We narrowly missed it. I had never seen a bear that close.

Our first, and pretty much only, stop was the Farmer’s Market. There were quite a lot of vendors. I wish that we lived closer or that the weather wasn’t quite so hot and that I had brought my cooler as there was so much local/organic/free range meat that I would have loved to stock my freezer up with – bison, pork, chicken, beef.


I could have spent way more money that I did, but I ended up getting a few Japanese eggplants, and a couple of items from With Love (Maddie’s Magic calming salve, Misuli muscle salve, Restoration joint salve, Love Bug bug bite salve, and the Detox Pack bath powder).

For lunch, I stopped to the Granny’s Kitchen food truck and got the Coriander Dusted NC Shrimp (with quinoa, roasted corn, blistered chilies, cotija cheese, and a charred shallot/lemon vinaigrette). We found a quiet little shaded area to rest. This dish was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend Granny’s Kitchen.


It was a hot day and it wasn’t long before all three of us were panting and sweating so we shortened our trip. Smithfield is a cute little town so my boyfriend and I are planning to go back around Fall, when it has cooled off and the farmer’s market is still running. There are so many cute shops lining the street that I would love to check some of them out. One of the things I loved about Smithfield as well was the plethora of neat statues decorating the town.

IMG_6288 IMG_6291 IMG_6313 IMG_6321 IMG_6328 IMG_6352 IMG_6355

We ended up stopping to the Smithfield Chicken Swap as well, and though I wanted EVERYTHING there, we ended up leading empty handed. We did eventually purchase another chicken on Monday – a gorgeous Black Australorp. One of our Rhode Island Reds had passed away about a week prior.

After we returned home, we dressed and went to Planet Fitness for the first time. I had purchased a membership earlier in the week for us to get into shape. We worked hard for about an hour, then followed it up with a celebratory dinner at Ruby Tuesday – probably not the healthiest choice for us. 🙂


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