Belle, Belle, the dog from*…

My dog would have given Harry Houdini a run for his money. She is a master escape artist. Over the past few months, we have fortified the dog lot at my boyfriend’s house into something akin of Fort Knox. Chicken wire under the fence, several feet of concrete poured under the gate, double chicken wire on another side of the fence with chicken wire over those posts to discourage climbing and jumping over the fence.

I know what Belle's thinking: Me? A devious evil genius mastermind? Naw... just look at this face.
I know what Belle’s thinking: Me? A devious evil genius mastermind? Naw… just look at this face.

But apparently that wasn’t enough. Apparently I did not anticipate how smart my dog can be as she has now gone THROUGH the fence. Belle cleverly sought out a weak point in the side fencing, a small space where it had rotted away, and exploited that weakness. I caught her trying to sneak back into her hole, only because our chickens had alerted me to something prowling around on the outside of the fence.

So after we had put her back in the dog lot and fixed the fence, I ran inside to watch her from the bedroom window. Almost as soon as she thought no one was looking, she went around to some of the other fence posts, nudging them with her nose in an attempt to see if any others were loose. It is like she is one of the Velociraptors from the Jurassic Park movies – intelligent, cunning, sneaky.

This dog is smart. But I’m smarter. I swear. I will win.

IMG_0218 IMG_0224

Poor Jake just doesn’t understand why Belle wants to escape, but I’m sure he enjoys the few minutes of peace and quiet he gets.

* My mom coined this lovely little poem a few months back in honor of my dog:

Belle, Belle, the dog from hell.

Thanks mom. 🙂 But really, she’s not THAT bad.

Plotting her next move.
Plotting her next move.

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