Post Dragon Con Reflections

Today marks the last official day of Dragon Con 2015. In case you don’t know what Dragon Con is, it is a huge (and I mean 60,000+ attendees) sci-fi/fantasy/geek convention that takes place in Atlanta, GA every Labor Day weekend.

This would have been my 4th year going had I attended. I did not. Seeing the plethora of posts on Facebook from my friend’s that did attend sort of makes me regret my choice but now that Dragon Con is over, I am confident that I made the right choice to stay home.

Last year, I didn’t have that great of a time. I fought with my now ex-boyfriend (we had met at Dragon Con and were trying the long distance thing) and I really didn’t get to hang out with some of the people that I had been looking forward to see. Spilt milk though.

I decided to take this year off because I felt a bit tired of it all. Plus, I found myself a new man who isn’t really interested in the convention scene. That’s okay though. I love him and I’m excited about the life we are building together.

That being said, I really want to go back next year. I want to go back as a vendor of all things – maybe you’ve seen The Southern Belle’s Garden which sells homemade salves, bath and beauty products. I want to go back to hang out with the people I only see at Dragon Con.

But who knows what the future will hold! In the meantime, I’m going to work on my business and work on updating this website with some of my old convention recaps.

At San Diego Comic Con 2008

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