Trick or Treat (pic heavy)

October 31st was the scariest day that I have probably experienced yet. My Halloween weekend started out so well too. My boyfriend and I went out to Plaza Azteca on Friday night and got THE PIG. I can’t ever remember what the pig is actually called but it’s onions, green peppers, chicken, steak, shrimp, and pineapple served in this sizzling hot bowl shaped like a pig, sort of like fajitas. It is the best thing on their menu and the only thing we will get from there (plus, it’s big enough for us to share WITH leftovers).

Saturday morning, we woke up and he headed out to cut down some brush for his duck blind. We decided to take the dogs to where we were going because there would be plenty of room for them to run and play without having to worry about traffic. As you can see, everyone had a great time.



Shortly after we all got into the truck to head home, things took a dark turn (okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic). Belle was riding in the back of the truck when she spotted two golden retrievers out playing. So she LEAPS from the back of a truck going 50-55 mph and right into the path of an oncoming car. The car slammed on breaks and I still don’t know how she managed to not get hit but she apparently bounced up as soon as she hit the pavement and started running.

I was absolutely terrified and the dumb dog seemed to think we were all playing when we were trying to catch her so she kept running with blood dripping down her face. We got her home and I took her directly to the bathroom to evaluate her injuries. Belle has a bad case of road rash on her check, a busted chin/lip, plus all sorts of scraps on her legs/elbow/paws but she seems relatively okay. She even wanted to go outside so she could catch Frisbee’s. I’ve been trying to keep her injuries clean, checking her pee and poop for signs of blood, and have given her the rest of the pain pills from her spaying earlier this year to help with the pain and soreness the rest of the weekend. I am so grateful that she was not injured worse and I probably should have taken her to the vet but they were all close for the weekend.

(Side Note – 11/13/15: Following Belle’s flying leap for freedom, Thursday night of the next week, my boyfriend and I were putting our Halloween decorations away in the attic. His dog runs into the attic and next thing we know, he has disappeared! The dog FELL through the attic! There was some siding over the front porch that had never been nailed down and with an 80 lb. dog stepping on it, it gave. We raced downstairs only to find that his dog was not there. Apparently as soon as he hit ground, he started running figuring that he was in big trouble! Thankfully he was okay and Belle’s marks have all nearly healed to just pink blotches for now).

So how was the rest of my Halloween? Fantastic. My mom and her boyfriend came over Saturday night to check out the Halloween decorations. Belle was so excited to see them. Then my cousin, her nephews, and their mom came over to trick or treat. AND THEN my grandma and granddaddy came over to see my glorious Halloween decorations. I didn’t have quite as many trick or treaters as I expected, but since this was my first year decorating, I’m sure more will come next year.


PicMonkey Collage


With the time change on Sunday, I woke up bright and early to take down my decorations and return my boyfriend’s house to normal. Sunday was a day of relaxing and walking Belle some so she wouldn’t be too sore. For supper Sunday night, my boyfriend made up a delicious collard mixture (with collards and beans from our garden, local potatoes, fatback, and a delicious juice of apple cider vinegar, sugar, red pepper flakes and who knows what else) that we ate with my super-secret cornbread (with cheese, cream of corn, and candied jalapenos that I canned earlier in the year).


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