Garden Update

It’s been hard for me to be motivated lately. The weather goes from being snowy, to 70*F, to rainy and 45*F, to sunny – ALL IN ONE WEEK! This morning, when I left the house, it was sleeting and cold. :-/ But it is supposed to warm back up in time for this weekend..

Last weekend flew by (as does all of my weekends, it seems). Saturday, I went bowling for my mom’s birthday and had a blast. Sunday, Robb and I took the dogs to the pond behind the house and explored around. Poor Belle lost her harness but she had such a good time running around that I couldn’t dare scold her.

Somebody is eager and ready to go!


After a hard day of running around, Belle is not yet ready to lay day and is using the chair to prop her head up so she can sleep.

That afternoon, I spent some time in the garden, working a bit in the bed that Robb built for me. I dumped out the dirt from some of our pots in there – no need to waste it. I’ve been trying to add our fruit/vegetable waste/coffee grounds in there as well. I wanted to plant my ginseng, but got distracted by my gardening buddy. 😀


I’ve gathered all of my seeds together, except for the ones at mom’s house. I have my bed all planned out (for now).

Our chickens starting laying again on Wednesday after many months of us being egg-less (to the point where I broke down and purchased eggs last weekend). When I went to let the chickens out that morning, I noticed (and commented to many people) that Emily – our Rhode Island Red hen – had built herself a nest and that as she was standing in it, her butt twitching. I had a hunch that she was getting ready to lay and sure enough, I came home to find TWO eggs. They had another one for us yesterday. Yay!


Oh! The hard cider that I made earlier in the fall was a bit of a failure (taste wise), but I’m determined to try again. I purchased one of Brooklyn Brew Shop limited edition Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout kits and one of their sweet cider kits. I haven’t started either, but I plan to soon!



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