Henny and Roo February Box

I love monthly subscription boxes. It’s so much fun having a random box of goodies arrive for you every month. The thing that gets me is the price, which is why I limit myself to the amount I can have every month. I am currently at 0 subscriptions boxes (woohoo), but I recently received a Henny and Roo box that might make me change my mind.

I’ve gotten lots of boxes the past few months for Belle, but I had never heard of one for chickens until I came across Henny and Roo! My box arrived last Wednesday which was perfect timing to celebrate the first egg that we have received from them in months.

I am in love with this box and will definitely try it out again for March! The boxes run $29.95 if you pay for it on a month-to-month basis (plus a shipping cost). But if you use the code SPRING, you can save 10%!


Belle is carefully investigating the contents of the box, not yet convinced that this was not another dog box for her.
She still doesn’t quite believe that there are no toys and treats in there for her.

February’s box contained:

  • Chubby Mealworms (This is the treat the chickens received on Wednesday, I may try re-hydrating some meal worms for them as well)
  • Grit Magazine
  • Lavender Lip Balm by Duck Feather Herbs
  • Brooder Bottle Cap by The Chicken Fountain
  • DooKashi Coop Deodorizer
  • Cute chicken socks
  • Bandage scissors for the first-aid kit
  • Self-adhesive bandages


It rained all night Thursday night and all day on Friday, turning one of the houses across the street into basically an island when the ditches flooded.



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