[Movie Review] Deadpool

I may be one of the last people on the planet (besides my boyfriend) to see “Deadpool” – at least out of those that actually want to go see it. Thankfully it finally arrived to my local $4 theater so the two of us scheduled our “date night” for Friday night so we go see it.

I’m not sure if anyone else had this issue or not, but in my theater, there was a surprisingly large amount of kids in the 5-8 year old range. The movie is rated R and for a very good reason. It is crude. It is vulgar. That’s why we love/love-to-hate Deadpool as a character. I can sort of understand bring your 13 year old to see it, but a 8 year old has no business seeing a woman with a strap-on getting ready to get busy with her man. For all of those parents that decided to bring their children with them and left during the movie – maybe next time, do a little research. The comic book version of Deadpool should have given you some hints on how the movie would be.

When even the leading actor tells parents that this is not a typical kid-friendly superhero movie, then maybe they should take note instead of having to cover their kids’ ears and eyes every 5 minutes. If you wanted to see “Deadpool” that badly either find a babysitter or just wait for the movie to come out in a few months on Redbox. You would have survived. Yes, I know that there was a petition out there for a PG-13 version of the movie, but that would have taken away the essence of who/what Deadpool is.

I must say, “Deadpool” was everything that I had hoped for. From Wade Wilson/Deadpool’s sharp tongue and quick wit all the way to the constant breaking of the 4th wall and just his general nuttiness. Ryan Reynolds was as perfect in that role as everyone imagined. There were a few things that irked my nerves, but I’ll talk about them after the break to make sure that I don’t spoil anything for anyone.


Okay. So what irked me? There were two major things.

  • The Happy Ending – Sure the happy ending wrapped everything up nice and neat for the audience and sure, it was nice to see something finally go right in Wade Wilson’s life, but it felt very out of place. True, I would have left the movie feeling uneasy and dissatisfied if she had died, but an ending like that would have made much more sense. What happens now? Will Deadpool and Vanessa live happily ever after and make lots of little mutant babies? We know that won’t happen.
  • Colossus – I don’t know why but he just seemed so unnecessary. And big. And awkward. He drove me a big crazy every time he appeared on screen. But I guess he was added just as a contrasting point (typical do-gooder hero vs. antihero). Either way, I did quite enjoy when he covered his eyes at the end when he was accidentally flashed.

So what did you think of the movie? There are some recent rumors (namely Fox rearranging its Marvel film lineup) that the sequel may be released early 2018. I cannot wait!


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