Henny and Roo May Box

Where in the world did April go and (May for that matter)? I was such a bad blogger. I had posts typed up, I just never got around to posting my pictures on them. I’ll try harder, especially as our garden is growing and flourishing!

I did receive a Henny and Roo box for April, I just never posted it. I may end up backdating the post just to have for my records.


This time around, Robb was excited about the box’s arrival, so I let him tear in to it (once it was open, his attention waned and he moved on to other things).


This is what I received:

  • Bon Temps Poulet Egg Soap – The owner of Sweet Olive Soap Works, whose name is also Emily, uses eggs from her own chickens to make this soap which softens skin and tightens pores. It smells amazing!
  • Calendula First Aid Cream – I love seeing other people’s herbal creations and I can always use more calendula products (calendula is great for wounds).
  • First Aid Kit Bag – Every month, we usually receive a first aid item. Now I have somewhere that I can put all my items (for the chickens AND the dogs).
  • Lumino Dusting Bath Powder – This was the first item the chickens received. They love their dust baths.
  • Luv Nest Nibbles – They go crazy over this stuff!
  • Tasty Grubs – I plan on feeding this to the chickens on Wednesday (I’m off of work). I know that they will go crazy and attack me.
  • Looseleaf Organic Tea from Amitea Organics- Smells amazing!
  • Tea ball with chicken charm – Very cute! This will be put to good use.
  • April/May Backyard Poultry Magazine – Always a good read, though I realized shortly after that I already had that issue. Oh well!




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