Plastic Free July

A lot of the time, I simply skim over the mass of information that is posted on Facebook. Most of it is the same old blur of wedding photos, baby photos, travel photos. But I came across a post that jumped out at me today.

The challenge to go plastic free in July. Plastic Free July was developed in 2011 to simply raise awareness about the amount of unnecessary plastic that we have in our lives.


Why should we try to go plastic free? From the Plastic Free July website:

Apart from the small amount of plastic which has been incinerated EVERY piece of plastic which was ever produced still exists on earth somewhere. In the first 10 years of this century MORE plastic was produced than the entire last century!

  1. Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. Do your part to make a change.
  2. Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.

While the challenge seems to be a bit more geared towards Australians, anyone can – and should – attempt it. You can either pledge to refuse all single-use plastic (which includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging…anything that’s intended only to be used once and discarded) or you can pledge to refuse the top 4 – plastic bags, plastic bottles, coffee cups/lids, and straws.

I pledged the top 4 (water bottles are an issue for me, even though I have my own glass water bottle) – but will try to avoid all types. You can even pledge to just do a week, two weeks, or the whole month! Schools and organizations are welcomed to register as well.

There is no cost to register and they will even send out helpful e-mails to help you on your path. So why not try it and see if you can make a difference in the plastic usage in your own life – every little bit helps!

I’ll post on my progress weekly, so please share yours as well. Maybe this “challenge” will turn into a “habit” for me.


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