Introducing Cody

Exciting news – we have a special addition to our family!

Meet Cody.


My mom got Cody at the beginning of August. He’s now a 10 week old black lab/golden retriever mix. He’s absolutely adorable but everyone that meets him thinks that he is going to be HUGE. I agree as well, his paws are giant for his age.

I just now noticed that he’s smiling for the camera! He already looks like a big boy here.

Cody is so very sweet. He’s been coming to stay with me the past few weekends and Belle and Jake adore him. Can’t you tell? 😉 It did take Belle a little while to get over her jealously issues, but she’s pretty fine with him now.

Yes, they are wearing shirts. I had manage to acquire a couple thanks to some monthly subscription boxes and since I was home alone, I decided to torture the pair of them by making them wear the shirts for a moment.

It’s fun having a puppy around again, though potty training is the worst. But look how good he fits in with his siblings! He’s already proven to be very smart – he fetches, sits, and is learning to lay down. He loves the water as well and my boyfriend is hoping to borrow him from my mom and train him to hunt, just like his big brother Jake.

The 3 Musketeers

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