Hurricane Matthew

I’ve been a little quiet on the social media front but for a very good reason – I’ve been in Alaska! This trip was an absolute dream and trust me, there will be posts forthcoming about it.

My cousin watched over the house (and Jake/the chickens) while we were gone. Belle went to stay with my mom and had an awesome time playing with her puppy (and both dogs were exhausted come the end of my trip). But there is something very nerve-wracking about being so far away when bad weather hits your home, especially when that bad weather is a hurricane.

Taken by my mom

Hurricane Matthew wrecked havoc from the Caribbean up to the East Coast of the United States while we were gone. This comes on top of above average rainfall already in my area just the week before the hurricane hit us. Though it was reduced to a category 1 by the time it hit us (I believe), it still caused devastating flooding in so many areas. Most people say that they’ve never seen the water as high as it rose during the hurricane.

Taken by my cousin

The good news: We were very fortunate overall. The water never came into our house and the only real damage is that the wind blew our fence a bit crooked in areas (helped by the fact that all of the posts were in sopping wet ground).

The bad news: We lost 3 of our 5 chickens. This loss is nothing compared to what others have lost I know, but it still breaks my heart. The chickens were our 3 three egg producers. The creek flooded so quickly that it caught everyone off guard. My cousin stated that the water was up to her knees.

from l-r: Emily, Iggy, Squeeta (Whitey in the background survived)

My boyfriend and I are debating whether or not we want to go ahead and get more chickens or just wait. We are wanting to find a house with acreage soon and 2 chickens are a lot easier to move than 5. Besides, I think we will have a better selection of chickens during the Spring (and our birds don’t lay in the winter anyway). On the other than, there is something so lonely looking about watching our 2 remaining birds putt around.

Taken by my cousin

For more news coverage on Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina (including some images from a town near where I live) – check out CNN.


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