Farmer’s Market Haul 10/22/16

Saturday morning, a few weeks ago, I found myself as a vendor beside Ollie of Somerset Farms at the Edenton Farmer’s Market. Now, I’ve known Ollie for years (I even dined at her house a few weeks ago – pictures forthcoming, along with pictures from my Alaska trip, really), along with the rest of her family. They are great people and you really can’t beat their delicious certified organic produce.

Being next to Ollie was a delight and my downfall. I spent all of my money at her table. See, when I go to the Farmer’s Market, I usually like to limit myself to $40. If I spend anymore than $40, I tend to purchase more than what I need and end up wasting produce. I only went $5 over budget this time however and am rationalizing by the fact that the mushrooms I purchased took up almost half of my budget.


So here is what I got from the Edenton Farmer’s Market for $45.

  • Garlic – 4 bulbs total. We love garlic (in fact, we planted a few bulbs from Somerset Farms in our garden a few weeks ago) – plus, garlic is good for you!
  • Red Russian Kale
  • Beets (Robb doesn’t really like beets, then again, he never thought he really liked Radishes either until he tried some of mine over the Summer)
  • Radishes
  • Ground Lamb
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Bullhorn Peppers – I went over my budget to purchase these, but I had been eyeballing them all morning.
  • Lamb Rub Spice – Ollie creates these delicious spice and tea blends. I’m a fan. I picked up this particular rub to go with some lamb purchased from her quite a few months ago.



The good thing is that I had a plan on utilizing everything! I dehydrated most of the mushrooms on Saturday night for use throughout the Winter. The lamb and garlic, along with a few mushrooms I saved out and some of the kale, went towards a more traditional Shepherd’s Pie. Last week, I roasted the beets, peppers, and radishes, serving them with halibut flown home from Alaska.


On another note, please check out The Southern Belle’s Garden – I’m in the process of revamping it so that I can utilize it more as a business page and a place where you can buy my products online. I have my salves currently up and will be uploading a delicious Elderberry Syrup for sale shortly. My goal is to have almost all of my current inventory listed there by the end of the week, which means that I need to get on the ball taking some stock photos!


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