Another try at the bug

It’s funny sometimes how things tend to cycle back around in life. For instance, in November of 2014, I posted about my Baby Bug, aka the ginger bug I had just started. That was my first foray into fermentation and it was unsuccessful. I killed my little bug before it ever had the chance the flourish.

Here we are, two years later, and I have started a new little baby bug. I’m a bit more confident this time around. I have a greater understanding of the fermentation process after experimenting a bit in the kitchen and I am REALLY craving some ginger soda. I’m determined to try this time until I succeed.

This post follows my Ginger Bug’s first week in hopes that you may find this helpful in starting your own Baby Bug. Yours may begin to bubble quicker than mine did, especially if your house is warmer.


Day One (November 7): In a quart jar, I combined 2 cups water, ½ cup white sugar, and about 1 tbsp minced ginger. I covered it with cheesecloth and put it on my kitchen counter. I used tap water that I brought to a boil and cooked down. Since I did not have organic ginger, I peeled it before mincing it. I stirred it all with a wooden skewer.

Day Two (November 8): Fed 1 tbsp minced ginger + 1 tbsp white sugar. Moved to bedroom (where warmer). Temperature in house was 55 degrees overnight.

Day Three (November 9): Fed 1 tbsp minced ginger +1 tbsp white sugar.

Day Four (November 10): Fed 1 tbsp minced ginger + 1 tbsp white sugar. Noticed a few bubbles on the surface.

Day Five (November 11): Fed 1 tbsp minced ginger + 1 tbsp white sugar. Household temperature is 58 degrees.

Day Six (November 12): Did not feed – not home.

Day Seven (November 13): Fed 1 tbsp minced ginger + 1 tbsp white sugar. Ginger bug is really bubbling now! It is time to make some soda!

So for my first soda made with my ginger bug, I decided to go with a ginger soda. It seemed rather fitting and I could use my fresh ginger root that I received the weekend.

To start with, I boiled 4 cups of water and added it to about a 4 inch root of ginger, grated. I let every sit until it had cooled and infused. Then I added the juice from one whole lemon, ½ cup white sugar, 1 tbsp. real maple syrup, and ¼ cup of strained ginger bug liquid.


I mixed it all with a wooden spoon and then bottled. I used glass bottles but will “burp” it daily for the next 2-3 days or until it is nicely carbonated. Then I’ll pop the bottles in the fridge to enjoy.

To my ginger bug, I added ¼ cup filtered water, 1 tbsp minced ginger root, 1 tbsp white sugar to give it a bit of a boost. I’m going to drop down now to only give it 1 tsp. ginger and 1 tsp. white sugar daily/every other day.

Fingers crossed that my little experiment turns out better this time than last time!


4 thoughts on “Another try at the bug

  1. Oooh this is cool! We’ve brewed our own beer before and I’ve wanted to do kombucha for a while, but I never thought about brewing ginger soda! This sounds awesome, I can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

    • I haven’t tried my ginger soda yet – but I’m thinking today may be the day for a little pick me up! I checked it the other day and it was already getting nice and carbonated. I’ve brewed beer a couple of times (and mead) but haven’t been impressed yet with my beer brewing skills. Then again… I’m a fan of Corona and my boyfriend is a fan of Coors Light so we aren’t exactly drinkers of good beer.

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