BPI Sports on MavenX

MavenX is fairly new website that can sort of be described as Pinterest but with the opportunity to earn money by sharing the products you love and enjoy.

They feature Share Events every now and then where the users (i.e. me) are given an exclusive promo code and asked to share the particular company with others. I was recently selected to the BPI Sports Share Event.

BPI Sports is a sports nutrition company offering high-quality products like supplements to promote weight loss and building muscle. These are some of my picks from BPI Sports.

Visit my BPI Sports board on MavenX

My favorites from these picks are the BPI Shaker Cup and VIOPREX. Having a shaker cup when you are using any sort of a protein powder is a must so you don’t end up with weird lumps in your cup.

I may have to give VIOPREX a try. VIOPREX are capsules that help to promote healthy cartilage and tissue as well as provide joint support. I have a bad knee and wonder if this might actually help out. At this point, I’m willing to try anything!

Click here for more information.

I’m determined to get myself back in shape this year. I’m planning to eat better, exercise more, and CUT OUT SODA. Soda is my biggest weakness but an issue that I am working on. I started today eating healthier (though I did have a soda with breakfast…). Are you going to make 2017 your healthiest year yet?

And oh yea! The exclusive promo code!


Interested in trying out MavenX?


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