Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I rolled out of bed as a 30-year old. Literally, rolled. Robb laughs at me because I usually need a little momentum to get myself out of bed now, so I have to kick my legs or I’ll swing them over the edge of the bed and slide. Once I get bigger and start needing help, I know that he’ll be right there to pull me up.

So yeah. I rolled out of bed as a 30-year old, 31 weeks pregnant. I’ve been so fortunate to have the life that I have. I know that every life is filled with its ups and downs but I’m blessed that as of today, I have had so many more ups than anything else. I can only hope that with all the changes that are coming soon, the ups keep on coming.

How could I resist a 30th birthday bump picture – even if it’s a dreary day and the lighting is off?

My mom called as I was fixing myself breakfast. For as long as I can remember, she’s played this special birthday song for me from “Captain Zoom”. We both know all the words (and for the most part, it’s the first words that pop into my bed come the morning of October 12th). She purchased it as a cassette many, many years ago but as cassette players started to fade away, she started to panic about finding a way to play it so I surprised her one year with a CD.

I love traditions. We don’t have very many in our family really, other than “Captain Zoom” and my mom giving us pajamas or something similar on Christmas Eve. But all it takes to start a tradition is for someone to make that first move. With Lil Bean joining us, I look forward to starting even more traditions.

What are some of your favorite family traditions?


I thought I would give a quick update on some of the awesome things I received for my birthday.

Check out these goodies from my mom – she knows me so well! I love the little onsies and the “Beware the Hen Poo” sign is to replace one I lost earlier in the year. It came all the way from Ireland! I’ve been looking forward to reading “The Cooking Gene” by Michael Twitty. What is really neat is that the jar of pink rocks is actually rose quartz that mom found during their mountain camping trip.

What’s even neater is that rose quartz is a good stone to take to the hospital to place near the baby/mother during the birthing process to promote bonding!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! My son recently turned 30 and when he was a little baby, I purchased the Captain Zoom song for his first birthday. I called him and sang it to him. I think he was a little embarrassed and a little pleased that I remembered. “My name is Zoom and I live on the moon but I came down to earth just to sing you a tune . . .:)

  2. Happy Birthday. One of our fave traditions is first call. My parents STILL TO THIS DAY race to be the first to call on my birthday. No cheating allowed, it has to be AFTER 6:18 am – the time I was born. I admit, it’s corny but it wouldn’t be my birthday without it.

  3. Happy birthday and congratulations on your growing family! I’m going to have to check out that. I have never heard it! I love family traditions!! My parents did the Christmas pajamas for my siblings and I on Christmas eve and we do that for our kiddos now. We took it a step further and do matching family pajamas though!! I love anything matching, and our kids love it!!

  4. Awe you are one of those cute pregnant people! I looked like an elephant, pregnancy took over my whole body lol Congrats on the birthday! The tradition I loved most when I was a kid was decorating poptarts! My mom couldn’t bake so she would pick up poptarts, frostings and other decorations and we would decorate them for Santa on Christmas eve. I do it with our kids too but I also know how to make “real” cookies so I make them as well.

    Expedition Motherhood
  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great way to ring in the 30th birthday. Your baby will be here before you know it and you will be starting some new traditions with your new baby.

    sara lafountain
  6. My mom and dad always call me for my birthdays as well… and every year, my brother calls to sing happy birthday in a crazy voice. I have started to not answer intentionally so I can listen back to the voicemail throughout the year 🙂

  7. Emielli……….you had me at “captain zoom”!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! No joke, that is the same little record My mom played for our birthdays too, and this particular one sang happy birthday with our names in it! Congratulations on getting almost there with your first baby!! Its such an amazing blessing 😉

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