I’m a soon-to-be mother, blogger, writer, entrepreneur living in North Carolina. I love to garden and experiment in the kitchen, even though my boyfriend doesn’t always enjoy the fruits of my labor (he dreads seeing my kombucha scoby hanging out on top of my fridge).

I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Communication Media. Go Wolfpack! Though I loved Raleigh and stayed there for about 7 years total, I couldn’t fight the urge to eventually return back to my small hometown where the stars shine brightly at night and the worst traffic jam is getting stuck behind a tractor during harvest season.

My boyfriend and I hope to expand beyond our 1/2 an acre one day soon so that we can expand our mini homestead to include a small orchard, geese/ducks/quail, and other farm animals.

Our girls


Jake in the foreground, my hell-raiser Belle in the background