Things Remembered on MavenX: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and is the perfect time to honor that special someone in your life.

1929765_559420474839_2175_n.jpgThat’s my mom and I on a cruise to the Bahamas not long after my high school graduation in 2005. Without my mom, I would not be half the person I am today. She’s always been there for me, encouraging me, and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

For my MavenX board, I tried to pick a few items from Things Remembered that I thought my own mom would enjoy. Remember, get 20% off plus free shipping with promo code A159 (valid though Mother’s Day, May 14). What’s great about TR is that they offer so many options to add a custom message to your gift.

I love the Willow Tree set of figures. I can’t remember what holiday it was for but I remember getting my mom one several years ago (not the one pictured below). This one is another favorite that I think captures the mother/child relationship perfectly.

Willow Tree Grandmother Figure | Click Here

Another item that I picked out was the Mom Charm Key Chain. It’s something small and simple, yet can be a year around remember of how much someone cares.

Mom Charm Key Chain | Click Here

These are just some of the options I featured on my MavenX board. Want to see some other great gift ideas from Things Remembered? Then follow this link to my board!

What are you doing for your mom this year for Mother’s Day? Maybe just taking her out to a nice lunch? on MavenX

Remember about a month ago when I posted about my BPI Sports Board on MavenX? Well I’m back with another great board to show you! MavenX recently partnered with to share some great deals with several wine sites: Wine Insiders, Heartwood & Oak, and Barclays Wine.

The assortments include great deals like the Winter Wine 6 Pack shown below which comes with a variety of wines making it the perfect package for your upcoming Ladies’ Night! The 6 pack includes wines from around the world and would make a great package if you were hosting a wine tasting event.

For more information on this great deal, click here.

I’ve also created a Pinterest board that features some great recipes for using your wine as well as some neat food and wine pairings that are guaranteed to make your next Ladies’ Night a success.

Wine, Beer, and Booze – what more do you need?

There’s a sneak peak below of some of the other great assortments I feature on my MavenX board. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase one of the larger assortments to have a bottle on hand just in case you needed a host/ess gift or a last minute birthday gift.

Want to check out the other assortments I featured? Click here.

What is your favorite wine, beer, or cocktail to serve at Ladies’ Night?

BPI Sports on MavenX

MavenX is fairly new website that can sort of be described as Pinterest but with the opportunity to earn money by sharing the products you love and enjoy.

They feature Share Events every now and then where the users (i.e. me) are given an exclusive promo code and asked to share the particular company with others. I was recently selected to the BPI Sports Share Event.

BPI Sports is a sports nutrition company offering high-quality products like supplements to promote weight loss and building muscle. These are some of my picks from BPI Sports.

Visit my BPI Sports board on MavenX

My favorites from these picks are the BPI Shaker Cup and VIOPREX. Having a shaker cup when you are using any sort of a protein powder is a must so you don’t end up with weird lumps in your cup.

I may have to give VIOPREX a try. VIOPREX are capsules that help to promote healthy cartilage and tissue as well as provide joint support. I have a bad knee and wonder if this might actually help out. At this point, I’m willing to try anything!

Click here for more information.

I’m determined to get myself back in shape this year. I’m planning to eat better, exercise more, and CUT OUT SODA. Soda is my biggest weakness but an issue that I am working on. I started today eating healthier (though I did have a soda with breakfast…). Are you going to make 2017 your healthiest year yet?

And oh yea! The exclusive promo code!


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